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The Killers – Runaways

I think due to high emotional level that I have from time to time out of a sudden I start being really sad but I would say that in a good way. So during such periods I just love listening to the Killers. This band (according to what Wikipedia told me) was established in 2002 but unfortunately during the last couple of years they didn’t release any new hit singles. So imagine my reaction when I opened YouTube and saw that they have just made their new video and uploaded it a couple of days ago! The song is called Runaways and I keep hitting the repeat button over and over and over again. Enjoy!


Agoria – Les Violons Ivres

I am a big fan of lounge music and especially of classic music which is played in a more modern way. This song is a pure joy to me, I can listen to it for hours and hours.

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