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Problems Commonly Faced by Female Teens

Stepping into a difficult age of adolescence the most part of girls are likely to feel themselves lonely and gradually become more and more reserved that leads to the lost of contact between them and their families. The problems they have to face are supposed to be unsolvable by female adolescents.

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What to Eat to Solve Health Problems

It is a stated fact that fruits and vegetables are useful for our health. Some of them even resemble certain organs of our body and, accidentally or not, produce a positive effect on them. The following list of healthy products will provide you with an idea of what to eat to get rid of this or that health problem.

Carrot and eye. If you cut a carrot transversely you will see that this vegetable resembles an eye. Moreover, it is really useful for your eye health. It contains a great amount of vitamins and antioxidants such as beta-carotene which decreases the possibility of yellow spot degeneration – the reason of loss of the sight among elderly people.

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How to Recognize the Beginning Depression

There is a wide number of depressions- alcoholic one, which develops as a result of the abstinence symptom or agitative one accompanied by the excitement on the edge of rampage. The other types of the depression are the asthenic, neurotic, cyclothymic which makes more than 59 different subtypes all in all. The masked depression is considered to be the most dangerous type which symptoms are implicit. It is usually manifested as the physical diseases that’s why it is often called a somatic depression. The person suffering from this subtype of depression tends to bear sometimes excrutiating pains and believes that they are the cause of his being depressed.

There is also such disorder as subdepression. The things don’t seem to be that bad but the state of the patient can be dangerous. The long term sluggish depressive state can lead to a serious mental disorder. It is very important to recognize the beginning depression as early as possible to prevent the consequences that may appear to be mind injurious.

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