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Puppet Show – Make It Fun

The art of puppetry is a pretty ancient one as people used funny dolls for fun for what seems to be centuries. The birthplace of puppetry is considered to be Italy where rod and string marionettes were used to entertain citizens. Making performances with puppets is an excellent way to set both the children and adults laughing. If you are good at manipulating marionettes they will come alive in your hands and bring much fun to the audience.

First of all, you should define different types of marionettes in order to chose the one which suits you best. The most popular type is a string marionette. The strings are attached to the limbs and head of the puppet and you manipulate it from the above. Practice in front of the mirror first to make your puppet behave funny. Develop a unique manner of gestures and postures, create a character and story for your puppet hero – all these tricks will help to make it alive. If you attach additional strings to mouth, eye lids and chin of your puppet it will reflect the mimics of the human face as well.

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How to Split Up with Your Boyfriend

You may not be sure about any of your life perspectives but there’s is one thing that you definitely know. This guy will never date with you. He is dying from being impatient to receive your text message and you are dying from a single thought of going out with him. He may be good-looking and nice but extremely boring. Or funny, easy-going and generous but, well, not so good-looking. It’s up to you to decide which case is worse. Anyway now your goal is to red rid of him as quickly as possible.

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