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How to Wash a Cat

It is not recommended to bathe the cats quite often. The pet who doesn’t take part in contests and exhibitions requires bath no more often than once a year. It is a wide-known fact that all the cats are able to keep their fur clean by themselves and the often cleaning with detergents may bring more harm rather that being useful.

There is a risk to wash off the protective layer of grease from the cat’s skin together with the dirt. One of the first questions that the people who have recently brought a small kitten in their house concerns the problem of bathing it. Despite the fact that the cats don’t need often bathing you still will have to carry out that procedure. The earlier you will explain your kitten that there is no need to be afraid of bathing time the easier you will find bathing it in the future.
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Animals at the edge of extinction

Nature surrounding us has given us lots of wonderful issues to observe and think over. As a matter of fact, I think that the opportunity to live together with the wild world is one of the best that could be given by the Universe to every human-being.

Unfortunately, not all animals can make it here on the planet Earth. Some of them were eliminated by us, people, which is an unforgivable sin. Others can’t stand the climatic changes and the situation in the environment. Anyway. Here is the list of those animals which need our support and care, because we risk to lose the whole species which can lead to terrible consequences.

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How To Raise A Puppy

Getting a puppy you should realize that you are bringing a new member of your family home. Its character is not yet developed and you are the one to help your puppy grow up. What your dog will be like in future depends on what you want it to become. Your dog will most probably resemble you in some of your habits, your attitude and they way how you treat other people and animals.

If you want your puppy to sleep in your bed then your dog will be pleased to do it. If you feed your dog while you are eating then it will sit near the table and drool. If you encourage its aggression to people then your dog will become vicious.

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