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RV – Life in Motion

RV stands for recreational vehicle, or, to put it simply, it is a house on the wheels equipped with all facilities needed for living and traveling in it. RV is an interesting solution of the problem of accommodation which can provide you with a great number of advantages and become your new fascinating life style.

All people who use RVs can be divided intro three major groups – vacationers, who rent the vehicle for occasional traveling, so called snowbirds who escape from winter cold by driving their RVS somewhere to the south and full timers who actually live in these mobile houses.

The main advantage of living in camping vans is quite obvious – you are free to travel anywhere you like and in time you choose yourself. However, it means that you will not be connected to one place, so you should acquire some methods of distant work before starting the project. Besides, you should learn the places where it is allowed to camp, as some National parks or privately owned parks forbid to live in RVs on its territory.

If you decide to live and travel in RV, get prepared to face some problems. First, there is energy issue – you will need a generator to recharge the batteries of your devices. Besides, there is a question of maintenance, so learn the basics of this vehicle’s work beforehand.

Living in RV will suit you if you are an adventurous person who is open to new experience or if you are tired from routine life and want to perform some radical changes. RV will help you to become closer to the nature as you will be able to choose any picturesque place outside the city for your camping. If you feel lonely being outside the community, you can always join a group of RV campers who organize local communities all over the world.


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One thought on “RV – Life in Motion

  1. I’m renovating a 1971 Minnie Winnie right now – it’s had a leak in the roof and there’s some pretty severe water damage. There are great plans afoot for making it ‘green’ – solar panels, rain collection systems, biomass heating, biochar compost… The ultimate plan is to get an old schoolbus and turn it into a mobile home with an on-board biodiesel reactor and greenhouse :3

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