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Snow White & the Huntsman: A Modern Fairytale

Snow White & the Huntsman is a new version of a famous fairytale. Now a debutant Rupert Sanders decided to have a new look upon the old story. But the result received both positive and negative comment from the critics.

The most noticeable thing about the film is that it steps aside from all the canons which were established by the previous versions of the Snow White. This being unusual also was reflected in the alternation of the customary title. There is little left from the original tale. And that is the right way. If one starts repeating the old story he should at least bring in something new and fresh to his project, change the plot so that no one could say if it is copying the earlier versions or not.

In the trailer it was slightly hinted that the viewer will face the new dark side of the well-known plot and see the new hidden world.

However Rupert Sanders failed to create the new world. Everything seems to be fine, but one small detail spoils the whole impression. The plot haven’t met the viewers’ demands. It becomes clear from the first minutes of the film when you see the splendid scenery, the great actors in a magnificent makeup and the off-screen voice starts telling some nonsense.

The beginning of the film can be compared to a quest. Many things and actions appear and happen only in the moment when they are necessary. And the dialogues also go back on. Sometimes it’s quite impossible to grasp what the characters are talking about.

The most memorable character is of course Ravenna performed by Charlize Theron. The image of the evil queen corresponds to the whole atmosphere of the film. But Charlize Theron has a far greater potential and her talent is not completely opened up by this role.

The role of the Snow White is also remarkable but the personality of the main character could be revealed more profoundly. This role could have been performed more racy.

Seeing all the mistakes in this film it’s sad to see that without them it would be the same as it was advertized.


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2 thoughts on “Snow White & the Huntsman: A Modern Fairytale

  1. Fiona on said:

    I love love love this movie!
    Chris Hemsworth was gorgeous from the start to the very end and even Kristen Stewart played quite good as Snow White!
    Rupert Sanders did a great job making the story very interesting, rather creepy and breathtaking.

  2. Hello Fiona, thank you very much for paying attention to my post, I am a super huge and devoted fan of Chris Hemsworth too, I think he’s amazing and gorgeous actor.

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