Miss Royal Disaster

How to Aviod Disappointment after Sale

Who would ever refuse to purchase different things for the half of their price? Many of the marketing campaigns are based on this desire of the people to buy more and pay less. Every person has at least once decided to get the products or clothes with a great discount during the sale period. But often we turn out to be deceived and pay the full price or get the items of a lower quality blinded by the huge labels with the bright signs “50 % off”. What are the rules to buy the things wisely and be economical buying the products on sale. How to see the real discounts and no to back the wrong horse being mislead by the implicit marketing strategies?

  • Buy the things you really need. Every shopaholic should accept this phrase as a motto if he or she doesn’t want to waste the money. Run through all the boutiques and carefully examine the assortment. Realize your real needs and choose the best. If you don’t have a grey cashmere sweater look for the best one but wandering around the mall in the search of nothing particular isn’t a good way to do shopping.
  • Study all the offers. Cases when the people are attracted by the label saying “90 % off” and buy the thing they don’t need are not rare. The main role here is played by the speed factor. The impression of the last chance to buy this or that thing is a strong impulse to get it immediately. In this situation it is sensible to look through the assortment of the similar shops in the same market niche. You may be surprised to see the same prices there but without any discount labels.
  • Consider every particular case. A real bargain could be found on the sales connected with the changing of the assortment of the type of the products sold by the shop. Sometimes the things of a high quality can be purchased for a ridiculous price when the shop closes. The owner usually badly needs money in these cases so you may have no hesitation that you get the best product for the lowest price.
  • Demand the warranty. Every item is should have the warranty assurance no matter is it purchased for the full price or with a discount. This fact is however often forgotten who claim that the items with the discounts are not obliged to be warrantied.

  • Try to refrain from senseless purchases. Buying two items for the price of one is just a marketing strategy. As a variety you may be offered a free gift. One should make a decision based on the actual necessity and not on the desire to get more. In other words if you need a hoover buy a hoover but not a printer with a free hairdryer.
  • Don’t but the extremely trendy things.They are likely to become out-dated the next season.

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