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Hydrogen Fuel And the Cars of Tomorrow

Hydrogen engines which some advanced cars are based on at present time are becoming a lot popular these days. The first hydrogen fuel vehicle was issued at a special Japanese plant designed specifically to develop ecologically clear autos. 19 years of hard work brought the first positive results in 2008 when Honda FCX Clarity came out. Being created as a completely non-gasoline car from the very start it had a powerful hydrogen engine, a magnificent design and ergonomic view.

The most exciting fact about a hydrogen car it that the only sort of emission it produces is nothing but regular water vapor as the evident result of hydrogen burning It could be great news to the people who care much about the environment and the level of air pollution. This way, in theory, if every person who has an average gasoline car replaced it with the new auto serviced with hydrogen fuel we would be able to breathe much easier within a short period of time.

The Scorpion super car design engineered by Ronn Motors, an American company provides even simpler way to fill the jar: its owner only has to pour some water into it. The auto is fitted out with the system that basically changes water to hydrogen by means of decomposition. There is a chance that the fuel can be unlimited provided that one collects the vapor from the tail pipe and uses it again as a refill.

BMW Company showed a significant involvement to the development of environmentally friendly cars: they managed to create an automobile filled with hydrogen and oxygen at once. Such kind of fuel is usually used to dope the rockets. The presentation of this vehicle was held in one of the most haze covered city in the USA, Los Angeles. Specialists that day told the press that it was a total breakthrough to the future non-gasoline engines. The car is to be primed with liquid hydrogen which allows it to go about two hundred miles without reloading.

Unfortunately there are also some minuses and faults such as the sad fact that some oil still has to burn inside the engine and nature still remains in danger although not that big. Hopefully the scientists will plan the solution to this as well.

The second disadvantage of this car is a high risk that such a highly explosive engine inspires. One single though that an auto can be a reason of a huge detonation is scaring to death and this is one of the aspects which significantly decrease the customer related attractiveness of this car.

Needless to say that a hydrogen automobile definitely costs a fortune and a lot of decades are required to enable anybody to afford one. The price is still too high although many engineers foresee that hydrogen cars are going to become generally available. Toyota Japanese designers today are working a lot to create a transportation unit that would cost &50.000 notwithstanding that it is for a consumer to decide whether the price is available.


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One thought on “Hydrogen Fuel And the Cars of Tomorrow

  1. Your article seems well-researched and thoughtful. All a lot of us can do, however, is stand around and wait and hope a lot of other people become a little more aware (or a little less selfish) and stop hogging the planet’s resources and so forth. (I speak as someone who has always been on buses and subways, however, never owned or driven a car, so that my vote is suspect in the sense that I share in mass selfishness–we all have to get somewhere on time, right? I wish it would change, but except for the new electric buses some cities are sporting, mass transit may be among the last to change, and they will undoubtedly cry “The cost of the switch-over!”)

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