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My Weight Watchers trial

Hello there!
I’m on another weight loss trial. This is the third time I’m trying to lose weight this year, and previous trials weren’t very successful.
During the last trial, the initial detox period lasted about two weeks and I experienced bad breath, headaches, dizziness, chills, mental fogginess, almost zero libido, and problems with concentration. I heroically came over the initial period hoping that the results would be awesome, but they were not as brilliant as I expected. It was grapefruit diet by the way.
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Signs woman wants to marry

It seems like your girlfriend wants to marry. Probably her signs are mixed. And you have no idea how to decipher them. Let’s see what signs point out she really wants to become your wife.

She jokes about your future talking about your children. She even knows their names and what they are going to do. And she says directly that you are the only one who could be a father of her children. She asks you whether you want children. But she says that she simply wants to know your opinion. Nothing else. She tells you that you are a perfect man. She admires you. All her previous relationships were mistakes. You are the only one she wants to spend time with. Talking about the future she wants to hear your opinion.

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How to Wash a Cat

It is not recommended to bathe the cats quite often. The pet who doesn’t take part in contests and exhibitions requires bath no more often than once a year. It is a wide-known fact that all the cats are able to keep their fur clean by themselves and the often cleaning with detergents may bring more harm rather that being useful.

There is a risk to wash off the protective layer of grease from the cat’s skin together with the dirt. One of the first questions that the people who have recently brought a small kitten in their house concerns the problem of bathing it. Despite the fact that the cats don’t need often bathing you still will have to carry out that procedure. The earlier you will explain your kitten that there is no need to be afraid of bathing time the easier you will find bathing it in the future.
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I wish you knew it

Women are difficult and complicated. Sometimes it is really difficult understand what your girlfriend wants and what she expects to get. Some girls saying “no” mean “yes”. Well, they are wonderful anyway. I would like to share some tips regarding relations. What seems obvious to girls are not obvious to guys. I hope my advise would help you.

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Women’s Inventions for Comfort and Peace

The role of men as it is stated in the society throughout the centuries is to protect the native land and family and find means to support his woman and children. Here is no wonder that the behavioral pattern of men is more aggressive than that of women. All famous creators of weapons and other means of destruction are men. It does not mean, however, that women are not involved in the sphere of inventions at all, it is just that there inventions are more peaceful and are aimed at making the life more comfortable rather than at destroying it. The constructive abilities of some women have brought s bunch of useful innovations to the world.

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Dresses Made of Strange Materials

The world of fashion is unpredictable, ridiculous and entangled jungle where you can meet any creature which may turn out to be a woman dressed in the designer’s gown.

The fashion artists surprise us not only with the style of clothes but with the materials they use for their creations as well.

For instance, if you want to feel light as air, you can put on a balloon dress, which is actually made of a great number of small twisted balloons. However, note that you will not be able even to sit down in this wonderful gown in order not to blow out its elements. You can even purchase a balloonish bikini made by the American designers Katie Laibstain and Steven Jones.

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5 Awful Hairstyle Mistakes

Women of all epochs have always paid much attention to the state of their hair. Each young girl or mature woman tries to do the most elegant hairstyle possible to make necessary accent which underlines her natural beauty and hides the disadvantages. It’s a pity but sometimes we get the opposite result when we try to do your best to look smart. Girls and women make various mistakes doing their hair due to the lack of knowledge or neglecting the small details which appear to have the crucial importance in the whole look. Here is the list of the most common mistakes that women do while making their hairstyles.

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Problems Commonly Faced by Female Teens

Stepping into a difficult age of adolescence the most part of girls are likely to feel themselves lonely and gradually become more and more reserved that leads to the lost of contact between them and their families. The problems they have to face are supposed to be unsolvable by female adolescents.

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What to Eat to Solve Health Problems

It is a stated fact that fruits and vegetables are useful for our health. Some of them even resemble certain organs of our body and, accidentally or not, produce a positive effect on them. The following list of healthy products will provide you with an idea of what to eat to get rid of this or that health problem.

Carrot and eye. If you cut a carrot transversely you will see that this vegetable resembles an eye. Moreover, it is really useful for your eye health. It contains a great amount of vitamins and antioxidants such as beta-carotene which decreases the possibility of yellow spot degeneration – the reason of loss of the sight among elderly people.

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The Killers – Runaways

I think due to high emotional level that I have from time to time out of a sudden I start being really sad but I would say that in a good way. So during such periods I just love listening to the Killers. This band (according to what Wikipedia told me) was established in 2002 but unfortunately during the last couple of years they didn’t release any new hit singles. So imagine my reaction when I opened YouTube and saw that they have just made their new video and uploaded it a couple of days ago! The song is called Runaways and I keep hitting the repeat button over and over and over again. Enjoy!

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